NUMBER-SHAPE RECOGNITION - Committing to memory of different shapes that are linked to numbers from “000” to “999”.

(There can be more than one attempt at this category with different sets of number-shape combinations each time as time allows.)

Event Number of Different Shapes Memorization Time Recall Time
Number-Shape Recognition 315 10 minutes 20 minutes

Software: MEMORIAD™ Competition Software


  1. MEMORIAD™ Software assigns a geometric shape randomly to each three-digit number from “000” to “999”.
  2. Out of 999 three-digit numbers, 300 of them are selected by the software at random and displayed on the screen per 2 seconds with the linked shapes together.
  3. The competitors are expected to commit what number goes with what shape to memory.
  4. As soon as the memorization stage ends, the software closes the memorization screen.


  1. During recall stage the same set of 3-digit numbers are shown at random on the screen per 4 seconds with the 6 alternative shapes to be chosen.
  2. The competitors are expected to recall “what shape was with the number shown on the screen” and choose the correct shape in 4 seconds among given 6 alternatives.


  1. While “+1” point is given to each shape recalled correctly, "-1" point is given to each wrong answer. All minus scores will be announced as zero as the championship score.
  2. The competitor who gets the top score wins the event.
  3. In case of a tie, the total recall reaction time recorded by the computer of the competitors will be compared. The one who has the shortest recall reaction time wins the event.

In this category there can be more than one attempt. If more than one attempt are made, the best score obtained from all attempts counts.