MENTAL CALENDAR DATES - Calculating mentally the week day of 75 Gregorian calendar dates randomly selected from the year of 1600 to 2099.

(There are at least five attempts at this category with different sets of questions each time.)

Time: 1 Minute

Software: MEMORIAD™ Competition Software

Calculation Stage

  1. 125 random dates between the beginning year of 1600 to the end of 2099 are generated by MEMORIAD™ Competition Software (The question format can be chosen by the competitor among the options given)
  2. All the dates are randomly chosen among the dates in Gregorian calendar.
  3. The answer must be the correct day of the week of the given date (the correct answer for the given example above is Thursday).
  4. For the answer, the alternative abbreviation of the days is allowed to be used by the software so that they become clear and do not cause any chaos. For example, the style of abbreviation, Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri and Sat, is preferred.
  5. When the 1-minute time is over, MEMORIAD™ Competition Software closes the calculation stage and shows the calculation scores of each competitor on their computer screens. The competitors have three minutes time to check their answers and mistakes. Beyond that time software closes the result screen automatically.


  1. The dates given are numbered from 1 to 125 on the screen of MEMORIAD™ Software.
  2. Only one maximum mistake is allowed to be made in the answers. In a chain of answers, let’s say ‘‘k’’ is the maximum number in which there is only one mistake or a blank answer between question number "1" and "k". Then the total point to be given is "k-1". After the second mistake or a second blank, the correct answers beyond this point are not counted.
  3. In this category the standard number of attempts is five. Memoriad™ Committee may change the number of attempts as time permits.
  4. The best scores among all the attempts count.
  5. In case of any ties, the second best scores that are not equal decide the winner.