Time to Read: 5 to 30 Minutes (Depending on the Reading Material)

Time to Answer: 5 to 30 Minutes (Depending on the Question Types)

Reading Stage

  1. This competition is open to everybody whose speed of reading is 400 words or over per minute.
  2. In this speed reading category the reading material is a printed text on paper. An unpublished long new text, book or booklet not met before anywhere is given to the competitors with timing.
  3. Reading starts with the timer on the competitors’ computer screen. The competitor finishing his or her reading text signals the referee and the referee stops the reading timer on the computer of that competitor. As soon as the reading timer is stopped, the competitor gives the closed material to the referee. Then the competitor waits silently for others to finish their readings.

Answering Stage

  1. After the given maximum reading time is over, or after all the competitors finish their reading stages, a comprehension test about the read text will be displayed on the screens of all the competitors.
  2. Even though the reading is on printed texts, the comprehension test is applied by the "Memoriad Speed Reading Competition Software". The competitors enter their answers via their computer keyboards.
  3. The competitors can go back and forth through questions, change their answers any time as long as they do not end their answering stage.
  4. The competitors can use the maximum time given for the answering stage. The finishing time has no contribution to the competition score.
  5. The competitor who is confident that he will not change his answers does not have to wait until the answering stage time is over.
  6. As soon as the competitor finishes his answering stage, the software shows his scores on his screen.
  7. The competitors whose comprehension rate is below 60 % is disqualified and the speed reading score is "0".


  1. "The rates of understanding" or "Comprehension Rates (CR)" are determined according to the number of correct answers.
  2. The competitors whose rate of understanding is under 60 % will be disqualified.
  3. In case of a tie in the first three ranks, a second comprehension test including additional questions about the text is given to the competitors in equal ranks.
  4. Speed reading point or what is called "Calibrated Reading Speed (Calibrated RS)" is calculated as the multiplication of the raw reading speed (Raw RS) value and the "Comprehension Constant (CC). Please read the Speed Reading "Record Standards" section for more information about the "Comprehension Constant (CR)" and other terms. Let’s say a competitor’s raw reading speed is 1000 words per minute and his or her rate of understanding is % 60, then the corresponding "Comprehension Constant (CR)"is 1.00 (see "The Standards of Scoring" section in speed reading "Record Standards page). Under these conditions total points count is (1000 x 1.00=) 1000 words per minute or points. The total point is also called "Calibrated Reading Speed (Calibrated RS)".
  5. Ranking Rules For Speed Reading Categories

Subjected to the rules given below and the speed reading "Record Standards", the competitor who gets the top score wins the event.

Rules for First Three Ranks

As per decision taken by Memoriad Committee in 2015;

  1. The "Speed Reading Champion" title is not given to anybody whose raw reading speed is lower than 625 words per minute.
  2. The "Speed Reading Second Place" title is not given to anybody whose raw reading speed is lower than 550 words per minute.
  3. The "Speed Reading Third Place" title is not given to anybody whose raw reading speed is lower than 450 words per minute.