MENTAL ADDITIONS - 10 tasks for adding ten-digit numbers.

(There can be more than one attempt in this category with different sets of questions each time if time permits.)

Event Number of Task Time
Mental Additions (10 digits) 10 10 minutes

Software: MEMORIAD™ Competition Software

Calculation Stage

  1. Ten questions of ten random 10-digit numbers to be added are generated by MEMORIAD™ Competition Software.
  2. All the numbers are chosen randomly by the software and each number must be a ten-digit number so that there will be not any number the first digit of which is zero).
  3. The answer must be the sum of the numbers given.
  4. The competitors can enter their answers adding the columns. However, they cannot write any clue information anywhere.
  5. Even though a competitor is free to use the full 10 minutes for his/her calculation stage, using less time is important if all ten operations are correct. If all ten tasks are correct, the one who completes the task in the shortest time is the winner.
  6. As soon as the competitor finishes his/her calculations, he/she must stop the calculation timer. When he/she stops the timer, the software closes the calculation stage and shows the calculation results and the score of that competitor on his/her screen (*).
  7. The competitors have three minutes time to check their answers and mistakes when their calculation stage ends. As soon as the stage ends, the software closes the result screen automatically.
  8. After completing the task, the competitors must wait silently until the other competitors complete their tasks.
  9. If not all ten additions are correct, their calculation time is considered as 10 full minutes, no matter how much time the competitors used for their calculation.
  10. When the full time is over, the software automatically ends the calculation stages of those who have not finished their calculation stages yet and shows their calculation results on their screens. The competitors have three minute-time to check their answers and mistakes. As soon as the three- minute period ends, the software closes the result screen automatically (*).

(*) Memoriad™ Committee may decide to announce the all results after the end of the calculation stage for all competitors


  1. "1" point is given for each correct answer.
  2. It does not matter how many wrong or correct digits are present if the answer is wrong. Therefore, partial points are not involved in this category.
  3. If a competitor completes his/her answers using less time than the time given, the time used is recorded by the software. This process applies only when there is an equality among the numbers of the correct answers of the competitors.
  4. If a competitor's number of correct answer is less than number of task, his/her calculation time is accepted as the full task time. The following formula is used by MEMORIAD™ Software to calculate the scores;

Points = c x T / t

t = calculation time in seconds

T = full task time

c = the number of correct answer

  1. In this category there can be more than one attempt. If more than one attempt are made, the best score obtained from all attempts counts.
  2. In case of a tie, the second best scores that are not equal decide the winner.