SPEED CARDS - Committing to memory of a deck of 52 playing cards.

(There can be more than one attempt in this category with a new ‘shuffled’ deck each time if time permits.)

Event Memorization Time Recall Time
Speed Cards 5 minutes 5 minutes

Software: MEMORIAD™ Competition Software


  1. A random shuffled deck of 52-playing cards by Memoriad™ Software is shown to each competitor on the computer screen for each attempt. Each competitor is asked to memorize the same ordered deck of cards. The competitors try to commit the order of the cards to memory in memorization time.
  2. During the memorization process, the cards can be looked at repeatedly and more than one card can be looked at simultaneously.
  3. Competitor doesn’t have to use the full memorization time given. He/she can stop his/her memorizing stage at any time and stay quietly until the recalling stage starts.
  4. As soon as the memorizing time given is over, software closes the memorization stage screen automatically.


  1. As soon as the five minute-memorization stage finishes, MEMORIAD™ Software opens up the recall screen to each competitor so that they can enter their answers. The competitor has to enter his/her answers on that screen in recall time (as 1st: 3 of spades; 2nd: Jack of Clubs; 3rd: 2 of diamonds).
  2. The competitors do not have to use the full recall time. Whenever they stop their recalling stage, they can see their score on their own result screen.
  3. When the recalling time ends, MEMORIAD™ Software closes the recall screen automatically and shows the result screen of the competitor.
  4. In the result screen the software shows the errors of the competitor for his own evaluation. If the competitor does not close the result screen, it is closed by the software automatically at the end of given 3 minutes evaluation time.


  1. The MEMORIAD™ Software compares each card from the memorized pack with the card entered on the screen during recall stage. At the first mistake between the two orders, only correct answers up to this point are evaluated.
  2. If a competitor recalls less than 52 cards, his/her memorization time is accepted 300 seconds. The actual memorization time of the competitor whose recall is the best is used. The following formula is used by MEMORIAD™ Software to calculate the scores;

Points = [100/(t/300)] * [c/52]

t = memorization time in seconds

c = the number of correct cards until the first mistake

  1. In this category there can be more than one attempt. If more than one attempt are made, the best score obtained from all attempts counts.
  2. In case of a tie, the second scores of the competitors are taken into consideration.
  3. The competitor who correctly memorizes all 52 cards in the shortest time wins the event.