NAMES & FACES – Committing as many names as possible to memory and link them to the right faces in a given period of memorization time.

(There can be more than one attempt in this category with different sets of random names and faces each time if time permits.)

There are different versions of “Names & Faces” as follows;

Event Memorization Time Recall Time Number of Photographs
Names & Faces (5 minutes) 5 minutes 15 minutes 130
Names & Faces (15 minutes) 15 minutes 30 minutes 260

Software: MEMORIAD™ Competition Software


  1. The competitors choose their preferred nationality for the data bank of names and surnames.
  2. MEMORIAD™ Software chooses the required number of photographs according to the event (approximately 50 % males and 50 % females) at random and links them to the randomly selected national female and male names with the surnames.
  3. The color photographs of different people (head and shoulder shots) are presented with a first and a second name underneath.
  4. The pictures are of a wide range of ethnic groups.
  5. The names are assigned randomly to the ethnic origin of the faces.
  6. The competitors try to memorize as many first names and surnames as possible and link them to the right face during the memorizing time.
  7. Competitor doesn’t have to use the full memorization time given. He/she can stop his/her memorizing stage at any time and stay quietly until the recalling stage starts.
  8. As soon as the memorizing time is over, software closes the memorization stage screen.


  1. MEMORIAD™ Software displays the memorized photographs in mixed order on the recall screen. The blanks in the section of "first name and surname" under the pictures are to be filled by the competitors.
  2. The competitors are expected to enter as many correct first names and surnames as possible under each pictures during the recalling time of the event.


  1. The competitors are given "1" point for every "name" written correctly and "1" point for every "surname" written correctly.
  2. There are no partial points for the answers that are phonetically correct but incorrectly spelled.
  3. The addition of the points earned by the competitor gives the total point.
  4. In this category there can be more than one attempt. In case more than one attempt are made, the best score obtained from all attempts counts.
  5. In case of a tie, primarily the second best scores that are not equal decide the winner.
  6. The competitor who gets the top score wins the event.