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Only qualified competitors may apply for world record attempts. Having close scores to the current world records is sufficient for the qualification. Memoriad Committee may ask a proof for the qualification such as video record etc. Record attempts have to take place at a public venue (for example a university, a school or a science museum), at a special occasion open to public and media. Memoriad™ software must be used. Two witnesses must confirm the record, at least one of them must be Memoriad™ certified referee.

Record documentations must be sent to Memoriad™ Committee (info at ).

Number of Attempts

It is important to restrict the number of attempts for a record. The reason is that it should be forbidden to make a lot of attempts with newly generated random numbers and wait for good luck with an easy task. For this reason, the number of record attempts is restricted to 10 within a day provided that there must be at least 12 hours break between two days. The calculator should clearly say when he or she stops practicing before an attempt and starts with official record attempts.


The timing is done by the Memoriad™ software used. Referees must ensure that there is no cheating and all rules are applied under their witnesses.

All the attempts must be video recorded without any interruption seeing both the competitor and the screen of the software clearly. Recordings must not be fuzzy. All recordings must be in high resolution.

All screen shots of the scores must be taken and kept.

Computer Programs for Generating Random Numbers

Only Memoriad™ softwares can be used for the World Record Attempts.

The Memoriad Software must run on a computer provided by the Memoriad™ certified referee of the contest, not on the competitor's own computer.

In some cases, the competitor may use his or her own computer. In this case, the procedure is as follows:

  1. All the rules apply to the related competition category of the world record attempt.
  2. The Memoriad™ certified referee downloads the latest Memoriad Software from the official Memoriad website ( ).
  3. All previous so called Memoriad Software must be uninstalled from the competitor’s computer first.
  4. Memoriad™ certified referee installs the downloaded program on the competitor’s computer.
  5. The total number of memorization data to be presented for world record attempt by the Memoriad software must be at least 20 % more of the prevailing world record. If the memorization data that is generated by then current Memoriad Software is less than the required world record amount, a new Memoriad Software version must be asked from “Memoriad Mental Sports Federation” at least one month before the world record attempt date.
  6. All steps defined above must be video recorded.

Approved Memoriad Software can be downloaded from Memoriad™ official website.