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Organizasyon Komitesi


Memoriad was founded in 2006. The pioneer co-founders of Memoriad are Melik Duyar from Turkey and Scott Flansburg from the USA. Then, after a short time, Ralf Laue from Germany joined them in this establishment. With the cooperation of these trio, ‘Memoriad World Mental Olympic Competitions’ was initiated. In the following years, with the joining of national members from other countries of the world, the "Memoriad World Mental Sports Federation" was founded.

"Memoriad World Mental Sports Federation’ consists of two boards of managers. The one at the top is the "Memoriad Board of Directors," and the other is "The Board of National Managers." The Memoriad Board of Directors consists of four members. They select a Chairperson among them. The reigning Chairperson is Mrs. Shirly Jacob from UAE, and the three members are Scott Flansburg, Ralf Laue, and Melik Duyar. Gwendolen Noronha from India is the Secretary General of the Organization.

The Board of National Managers comprises a representative from each "Country Board of Memoriad." The current members of the "Board of National Managers" are Wellon Chou from Singapore (representing the Asia Pacific Region), West Wong from Malaysia, Gwendolen Noronha from India, Laura Sakanova from Kazakhstan, Fatima Hasanova from Azerbaijan, Dovlet Myrat from Turkmenistan, Olimkhon Bakoev from Uzbekistan, Ngo Quang Thục from Vietnam, Khatanbaatar Khandsuren from Mongolia, Selim Ecemiş from Turkey, Ozgur Daverioglu from Germany, Gamze Chloe from Netherlands, Gerardo Rojas from Mexico, Yesenia Ostaiza from Ecuador and Carmen Elisa Coronado from Colombia.

The top jury of the Memoriad Olympic Competitions is primarily the "Memoriad Board of Directors" of the ‘Memoriad World Mental Sports Federation.’ However, the Memoriad Board of Directors reserves the right to appoint any professional group or groups related to the subject as jury if considered necessary.

The Jury of Memoriad World Mental Olympics
(Mental Calculation, Memory and Speed Reading Olympics)


Gwendolen Savina Noronha debuted as a coach for the India National Team in the year 2012 for MEMORIAD, leading the team to a win of 33 Olympic medals; the highest ever scored by any national team (as of 2023).

Under her guidance, four students have broken and created a total of 14 world records and won 2 world cups (year 2014 & 2022).

She has also been the officiator of world records broken at the Mental Calculations World Cup 2022 in Germany.

Gwendolen was elected and chosen to be the chairperson for Memoriad on the international board (representing India) in the year 2013 making her the youngest and first woman to be on the board of any international sports federation and of Memoriad, respectively. Gwendolen is the Founder and CEO of MetaMind (an education and sports organization).

Scott Flansburg : Member of the Board

He is "The Human Calculator" of the world - a nickname given to him by television star Regis Philbin. Scott earned this nickname because of his remarkable math skills that allow him to add, subtract, multiply, and divide (even do square and cube roots) all in his head with amazing speed and calculator accuracy.

Scott added the same number to itself more times in 15 seconds than a person could do with a calculator, which is why he is the Guinness World Record holder for "Fastest Human Calculator". According to Scott, he would be even faster, but he can't speak the answers as fast as he can calculate them in his head!

He has been teaching math and entertaining people with his astonishing math skills for more than 20 years. People challenge him almost every day to calculate large math problems in his head and he loves each challenge!

Now an elite "edutainer," Scott speaks to educators, parents, corporate leaders, and thousands of kids each year, teaching them about math and even showing off his own skills a bit. His mission is to help people improve their basic math skills regardless of their ages, and convince them that math can be fun. Scott is an the accomplished author of 'Math Magic' and 'Math Magic for Kids' published by HarperCollins.

In his 20-plus years of teaching math, Scott has appeared on several talk shows including Oprah, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Dateline NBC, ABC's Good Morning America, Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, Larry King Live, Howard Stern, The 700 Club, Primetime America, Regis & Kathy Lee, CNN Day Watch, How'd They Do That?, ESPN's World Series of Poker, and USA Today Radio Network. He has given hundreds of interviews around the world and is also a best-selling author.

Some of the companies, organizations, and events where Scott has appeared as a Keynote Speaker include: NASA, IBM, Polaroid, Unocal, Math Counts, Software Publishers, Tony Robbins Seminars, The Smithsonian Institute, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, as well as free appearances at thousands of schools.

Scott Flansburg believes everyone has the ability to be good at math and enjoy it, but that most people have not learned to do math in a way that works for them. The Human Calculator is dedicated to helping students and adults to overcome their math-related fears. See more details about him at

Ralf Laue : Member of the Board

He was born in Leipzig, Germany, in 1968. Graduated in mathematics at the University of Leipzig, he is currently working at the University of Leipzig as a researcher in Information Science.

He is also the founder and the organizer of the Mental Calculation World Cups and the co-chairman, the committee member and the Chief Arbiter of the the Memoriad (Mental Calculation, Memory & Photographic Reading Olympiad).

Besides being a world record statistician, he is the author of books like the "Book of Alternative Records"

Melik Duyar : Member of the Board

Melik DUYARMelik Duyar, born November 4, 1956, is from Istanbul, Turkey. He is called “the man who forgot to forget” by the Turkish media. As well as being one of the early pioneer mentathletes in the world, Mr. Duyar is also one of the few leaders promoting brain training and mental literacy in the world. In 1994, after receiving one gold and two bronze medals in the “World Memory Championships” in London, he was presented among the first top ten mentathletes in the world by the “Buzan’s Book of Genius”.

Dubbed “Mr. Memory” by the Turkish actor Cihan Ünal in 1992, he was featured in the Guinness Book of World Records’ “Mind and Memory Section” as the founder of “MEMORIAD World Mental Olympics” in 2014. He is a math, memory and speed reading trainer, motivational speaker and media personality. Mr. Duyar has appeared on numerous TV shows and published many brain training related books such as “Photographic Memory Techniques”, “Mega Mathematics”, “Mega Mental Arithmetic”, “Child, IQ and Memory” and “Mega Speed Reading”.

Melik Duyar has been awarded the 2015 International Brand Personality Award by ‘the BrandLaureate Foundation’ for his outstanding contributions to the field of Brain Training and World Mental Sports.

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